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    Vinyl Siding


    Form follows function

    • Full palette of rich colors
    • Low maintenance: panels won't rot, peel or flake like wood, and
      never need painting
    • Posilok® locking system securely engages the panel, yet allows
      for expansion and contraction--which is critical to performance
      in extreme weather conditions
    • Vacuum-sized profiles ensure precise dimensional consistency
      for a snug fit and tight laps
    • Innovative panel design helps eliminate unsightly gaps
    • Full-thickness nailing hem adds strength where the panel is
      attached to the wall, resisting wind loads and helping to smooth
      wall irregularities. Smooth surface nailing hem with burr-free nail
      slots helps increase performance on the wall
    • Wood-grain finish gives the natural look of painted cedar
    • Meets or exceeds the requirements of tests supported by
      the Vinyl Siding Institute, the leading authority in vinyl siding
      performance testing
    Product Specifications
    .004" - 0.001" (average thickness over a 6-month period of production)

    12' 3" (3.75m) - 4" Traditional, 4" Dutch Lap
    12' 11" (3.94m)-4.5" Dutch Lap

    Uniformity is spectrophotometrically controlled
    Uniformity is controlled with an integrating 75 glossmeter
    Optically measured and controlled


    Double 4 & 4.5 dutch lap
    Double 4 traditional
    A Full array of distinctive colors









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