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    Giving you more Light and more Flexibility

    When economy counts, a Lightwell Skylight is the answer! The Lightwell Skylight with flexi-tube not only gives excellent light transmission but is also easily installed.

    In fact a Lightwell Skylight can fit almost anywhere because the Flexi-tube can be flexed to avoid timbers, air-conditioning ducts and most obstructions, eliminating the need to remove structural timbers.

    Lightwell Skylights are available in sizes to suit any room or roof type and the modern aerodynamic design prevents wind noise and water build up. The die pressed BHP steel flashing features a large raised section eliminating the possibility of water build-up and/or leaking.

    With the added bonus of optional ventilation the possibilities for the Lightwell Skylight seem endless.


    Specifications for The Lightwell Skylight


    Benefits & Advantages Offered By The Lightwell Skylight

      · Utilising Flexi-tube means the Lightwell Skylight can fit almost anywhere.
      · Unobtrusive on the roof.
      · Three sizes available; 350mm, 400mm & 500mm.
      · Available in all roof types, eg. Tiles, Corrugated, Deck etc.
      · Easy to install - D.I.Y. or Tradesman.
      · With Stainless Steel rings fitted at the Top & Bottom sections of the Lightwell, helps to catch the sun from all angles and send it down to your room.
      · Excellent light transmission compared to conventional skylights of similar size.
      · Lightwell Skylights come with a 5 year Manufacturers Guarantee.
      · Aerodynamic shape prevents wind noise and water build-up.









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