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    400 Series Specifications
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    A seamless one-piece, pie-formed rigid vinyl frame cover secured to the exterior of the frame to maintain an attractive appearance while minimizing maintenance. Andersen® casement windows are available in four neutral colors. Specify White, Sand tone, Terratone® or Forest Green color.

    The rigid exterior vinyl cover extends 1-3/8 (35) around the perimeter of the unit. This creates an anchoring flange for securing the unit to the structure.

    Wood frame members are treated with a water-repellent wood preservative for long-lasting protection and performance.

    Interior stops are unfinished clear pine. Low-maintenance prefinished white interiors are also available.


    Rigid vinyl (PVC) encases the entire sash-a vinyl weld protects each sash corner for superior weathertightness to maintain an attractive appearance and minimize maintenance.
    Natural wood core members provide excellent structural stability and energy efficiency.
    Flexible bulb weatherstripping or black PVC closed-cell foam weatherstripping is factory-installed on the perimeter of the sash.
    A rigid vinyl or CPVC glazing bead features a flexible lip that, combined with silicone glazing, provides increased weathertightness.
    High Performance Low-E and High-Performance Sun Low-E glass deliver optimum insulating performance. High-Performance Low-E tempered and High-Performance Sun Low-E tempered glass also available. (Glass option must be specified.)
    The Smooth Control™ hardware system employs a worm gear drive for easy operation. The split-arm operator moves the sash away from the frame to provide for easier glass cleaning.(Hardware option and finish must be specified.) CXWS, CXW55 and CXW6 units are not available with easy clean split-arm hardware. Handle and cover sold separately.
    A single-actuation lock ejects the sash for easy opening while the "reach-out" action
    eliminates binding when closing. The lock bezel and handle are offered in finishes that coordinate with your specified hardware style option.
      Smooth Control
    Hardware System
      Casement Single
    Actuation Lock
      Awning Sash Locks   Accessibility  

    Worm gear drive provides smooth, easy control. Andersen Classic Series? operator handle is shown in stone finish.


    Locking and reach out
    components are activated with a single handle, enhancing the
    window's appearance with a minimum of hardware.


    Awning corner locks provide an added measure of security and weathertightness. Hardware styles and finish options are compatible with Andersen casement windows to ensure
    consistency in appearance when
    used in combination designs.


    When units are required to be accessible, the window locks and opening hardware need to be served by clear floor space as set in the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines ADA -AG) 4.2.4 and within range of reach limits set in either ADA- AG 4.2.5 or 4.2.6, as appropriate.













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